I Lost 80 lbs and Your Business Should Use the Same Method

Shortcuts, ON SALE NOW!! Marketing is a crowded space. With Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like, everyone and their grandma has access to the world.  This is a beautiful, wonderful thing.  I have discovered stories and wisdom from people that would be impossible to find otherwise.The world of advertising that was once left to those […]

Want Success? Then embrace failure.

I am a recovering perfectionist. In business, my avoidance of failure often kept me at the stage of research and testing. I would stay stuck in analysis paralysis out of fear of making a mistake. While I was out there living in “no failure land”, I was also living in “no progress land”. Success is […]

Uncover Your Motivation with this Simple Exercise

As a marketer and business coach, I’m no stranger to the concept of “finding your why”.

Knowing what’s underneath the surface of your goals makes a huge difference in your success with them.

My New Years Eve went to sh*t and it was the best lesson ever.

We just got back to Bangkok from a one week vacation in Bali. We’d been living in Thailand for 2 months and had two weeks before our flight out of Bangkok relocating us to Vietnam. Get outta town We decided that we didn’t want to spend our last 2 weeks in Bangkok. But we need […]