What’s the difference between those “playing CEO” and real entrepreneurs?

The Point of No Return

The Point of No Return is used to describe when a plane crosses a point where the only option is to continue the journey.

Say What?

Picture it: a plane is crossing over the ocean, at a certain point there is no longer enough fuel to turn around and go back, the only option is to go forward. It’s at THAT point that going back means certain catastrophe and moving forward is the only chance for success.

A Point of No Return experience is the single common thread inentrepreneur’s stories of success.

Somewhere along the path they made a decision that they could not turn back from. The only option they had left was to move forward.

Do you really want to reach success?

If you want to move forward on this journey you need to make a true commitment and decision.

You need to create conditions that make going back to where you came from very difficult.

You need to remove alternative options.

This can be as drastic as quitting a job or as simple as committing to “no sugar” leaving no room for exceptions. This means, no birthday cake, no sugar filled latte once a week, none of grandma’s holiday cookies-no matter how good they are.

Let your “No” mean “No”.

Let your commitment be true.

Your subconscious knows when you’re full of sh*t

When you schedule something and decide not to honor your commitment by repeatedly skipping it, that action communicates to your subconscious mind that the ideas you plan for yourself will not happen.

That’s why you need to follow through.

By doing this your commitment muscle gets buff. The stronger it is, the easier it becomes for you to accomplish what you set out to do.

Like it or not, your subconscious mind is who’s really in charge.

Don’t think so?

Are you making a conscious effort to breathe right now? No, your subconscious is literally keeping you alive as you read this.

When you make a conscious decision to go after something you want, it’s your subconscious that determines if you’ll really go after it. Once you understand how this works, you can see and experience the power of committing on deeper level.

Stop keeping one foot out of the door

My mom is very religious and was always inviting people to church.

Most people would say “Oh sure, I’d like to go sometime”. But “sometime” wasn’t good enough for her.

She wanted a true commitment.

She would call them on Saturday night to confirm and even offer to pick them up(that way she was in control). Many people would say “I’m not sure, I’ll let you know in the morning” and she would tell them:

“If you don’t know now, then you’re not going to go”

She knew that they would have to commit the night before. They would need to prepare to wake up on time, they would need to have their clothes ready, get the kids up –whatever it was– but they needed to commit beforehand in order to follow through.

She knew that by not committing, they were keeping alternatives available like: sleeping in, watching football, going out for the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity at IHOP.

If they couldn’t commit, they weren’t coming.


In Greek the word Decision means to “chop away” or “to cut”. Ultimately, making a decision means you take away all other options.

If you’re going to set big goals for 2018,

If you want to achieve something bigger than you’ve ever achieved

Then you need to become someone bigger than you’ve ever been.

Forcing Functions

It’s all about:

Creating that point of no return instead of waiting for it to appear. (Quitting my job, forcing me to make my business work)

Creating the environment to be who you want to be. (Waking up at 5am before my husband and toddler to do the distraction free work I need to do)

Connecting with the right people for who you want to be. (And sometimes avoiding the right people)

This is not about setting goals, mindset, or will power.

It’s about creating the environment and laying the foundation to meet those goals.

It’s active work, not mind play.

It’s about commitment, ownership and planning.

It’s no longer about dreaming, it’s about doing.

Invest in Something

One way of creating this environment is to invest in yourself and your business.

This works with a concept called “Sunk Cost Bias”

It’s a concept that means: when we pay for it/invest in it, we feel more obligated to follow through.

This can work in both negative and positive ways.

You can be in a terrible relationship, but you’ve already invested 3 years into it, so you feel obligated to stick in and make it work. (This is the “not good” version)

On the flip side, you could have invested a lot of money into a trainer and feel obligated to show up and do your work out. (This is the good version)

After paying that money, you are more likely to show up because it costs you something, you don’t get that money back, there is no return.

Last year I paid $6000 dollars to be part of marketing mastermind where we learned new skills, had weekly lessons, and access to an environment of other hustling marketing and advertising entrepreneurs.

It was scary as hell.

There are a lot of things I could do with $6000 dollars. And since our cost of living abroad is really low, that number was equal to about 6 months of living expenses for us.

I absolutely had a sunk cost bias to gain and learn everything I could while being a part of that group. I had to make that investment not only worth it to me, but for my family.

I needed to a get a return on it.

I had to commit to being active in that group and showing up to the lessons.

I used forced function to put me into the point of no return and I combined that with an approach of ultimate commitment. With that, I was able to more than double my investment.

My Commitment for 2018

This year, I made another investment in myself.

This time it is a 52 week course led by my favorite writer, Benjamin Hardy. He is the #1 writer, out of thousands, on Medium.com, as well as a contributor for Huffington Post, Forbes, and Inc. magazine.

His course is full of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly commitments, 90 day challenges, group interaction, monthly reading requirements and more.

It requires intense goal setting and accountability.

It also has rewards for those crushing it, and penalties for falling behind.

Analysis Paralysis

I sat on the decision for 2 weeks

I was scared of the extra work, finding the time, not meeting the expectations, doing something that required routine while I’m living a life of routine-less travel abroad.

That is exactly why I needed to join.

I needed routine, I needed accountability, I needed something to keep me focused and push me further. I needed to surround myself with people on the same page as me, not only to support, but be supported.

I paid in full, and there is no turning back.

This year is going to be big year for me and my company.

Not by luck, but through commitment.

Through the Point of No Return.

I didn’t allow room to have my foot in any other door this year. I set myself up in groups and challenges and made public commitments.

I am creating the environment I need

to be bigger than I’ve ever been

to meet goals bigger than I ever have.

I am declaring my success for 2018!

Do you want to do the same?

Do you want to commit to your goals this year?

Do you want 10x’s progress from where you start this year to where you end?

Do you want to move forward enough to have NEW resolutions come this time next year?

Then I invite you to follow along!

I’ll be sharing the lessons and steps I learn from this 52 week course each week on my TanyaMFK Facebook Page. This is in addition to the live lessons, skill building workshops, tips, tools and support already offered in the group.

Join Here: TanyaMFK FB Page

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