For all the committing happening in 2018, there’s also a lot of break ups going on in my life.

Despite having one developing and growing business, I had been playing the field with a few side pieces in 2017.

As if that wasn’t enough, I was also spending time analyzing 1000 additional business ideas. (ok, more like 20, but still)

To make matters worse, I started to put my foot in a little of everything, knowing damn well that it is NOT a successful way to do things.

I was taking one step in twenty directions when I should have been making 20 steps in ONE direction.

I had a travel blog with a connected Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

I have a donut business idea (yes, donuts, and it’s brilliant-stop being so judgey) And I’ve been loosely working on it with a colleague across the ocean.

I have a T-shirt business I‘ve been playing around with, including collecting designs and concepts with yet another colleague across a different ocean.

I looked into drop shipping.

I researched importing and exporting because of all my travels.

I played with an idea for a coconut café (also brilliant, but requires more research- you’ll see)

I considered franchising.

I dabbled in the idea of a marketing consultant for travel agencies working with international tourists (I even did some work with a hotel in Thailand).

I started a podcast.

I began mastermind groups.

I contracted corporate clients.

I began a Youtube Channel.

I had 5 different mini-series.

I created 2 courses.

I took on Facebook advertising clients.

I held webinars for Natural Products & CPG tradeshow training.

All while continuing to travel, be a wife and a mom.

Superwoman? Or total ADD case with shiny object syndrome?

I’ll assume the latter.

I gained A LOT of skills in 2017.

I learned A LOT in 2017.

I also had MINIMAL progress towards my actual business goals in 2017.

And I was so f’n burnt out!

“If you have more than 3 priorities, you have NONE!” -Jim Collins

Imagine what I could have accomplished if all those little pieces of time were instead focused towards one singular goal?

Many of you don’t even know that my ultimate dream for my business is yearly retreats in fun locations.

After years of hearing entrepreneurs say they wish they could just get away for awhile and focus on their business distraction free, I’ve come up with a work life balance solution that squeezes in a vacation while making seriously intense business progress in 8 days.

Imagine going to place like Costa Rica, enjoying the sun, maybe give a go at surfing or diving, all while learning all the skills you can’t seem to wrap your head around back here at the office.

What could you accomplish after having a week of 1–1 meetings with experts that will help you develop specific areas of your business?

What more could you do after walking away with finished plans instead of just great ideas and a to-do list?

How much could your business grow by having your next year planned and laid out before the year starts?

Think about it:

All while enjoying connections with like minded hustlers from around the globe.

How would that effect your business?

Not too shabby right? My pitch isn’t perfect yet, because you know, donuts, t-shirts, podcasts!

I even did a successful test run with 4 entrepreneurs in 2016 and it was so freakin’ fun!

So WHY?! Why was I making T-shirt designs about crocodiles?

Ok, it was a hilarious shirt, but still, what the F was I doing?

I was keeping my options open.

I wasn’t fully committing to my goals.

I was doubting if I had the right path.

Instead of walking 20 steps in 1 direction. I went one step in 20 directions.

You know what happens when you do that?

You get nowhere. Literally, nowhere.

Go ahead and try it.

Stand up and walk 1 step in 20 different directions and tell me where you end up.

I’ll wait.

Still here huh? Yeah, I thought so.

While Podcasts and masterminds are great things, they don’t fit towards my main goal at this time.

It doesn’t mean I’ll never do that, it just means not right now.

“A once in lifetime opportunity is meaningless if it’s the wrong opportunity”

I need to focus on my ultimate goals and destination in order to set my goals towards that.

So for 2018 I am uncommitting.

I am uncommitting to my T-shirt business

I am uncommitting to my donut business

I am uncommitting to my travel business, including blog, Instagram account and FB page

I am uncommitting to researching my coconut business

I am uncommitting to researching importing and exporting

I am uncommitting to taking part in anything that doesn’t work towards my ultimate business goal.

This does not mean I wont ever do these things. (the world wouldn’t forgive me for not sharing that crocodile shirt)

I just means I’m not doing them now.

I am going to take 20 steps in ONE Singular direction.

And then some.

I am going to fully commit to my goal.

I am going to push to the point of no return by giving up all other options.

I further solidified this commitment by investing in a 52 week course led by my favorite psychology and business writer, Benjamin Hardy.

For 2018, I commit to being loyal to my dream and doing what it takes to see it all the way through.

How about you?

What things are you dabbling in that are just a distraction to your main goal?

What items are important but not necessary for your goal at this time?

What habits are keeping your from reaching your goals?

What are you involved in that is not serving the goals you have for yourself?

Are you ready to give that up for progress and success?

What will you uncommit to this year?

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