Shortcuts, ON SALE NOW!!

Marketing is a crowded space. With Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like, everyone and their grandma has access to the world. 

This is a beautiful, wonderful thing. 

I have discovered stories and wisdom from people that would be impossible to find otherwise.The world of advertising that was once left to those with Superbowl budgets, is now available to that guy with a garage sale for pennies on the dollar. 

This, again, is a fantastic thing. 

No longer does “big money” get to pay for my sole attention. An independent knitter in Timbuktu can advertise and sell me a scarf. And she did.

But, (there’s always a but) 

my newsfeed and email being clogged with every Tom, Dick, Harry, Wesley, Amanda, Samantha and Jenny selling me their secret methods to shortcut business success…

… is fucking painful. 

Wow, doing social media this special way for 30 days is your answer to success!

I’m Not Totally Innocent

I mean, I get it. 

I worked in corporate marketing for 16 years. 

Large companies paid me to run their national marketing campaigns. I convinced many of you, with finesse and gusto, to buy $5 water and $7 popsicles (I’m sorry). Companies need people to buy what they’re selling, and the best way is to entice with promises of immediate gratification. 

The answers to all your problems are right here!

Now that I’m flying solo, I’m having a hard time bullshitting my following that some sort of formula or method to business success exists just in order to get their attention.

But boy does it sell. 

And the “gurus” are lined up to give it to you, for a fee. Clearly, the buyers are out there. People want to pay for the quick solutions. No one wants to learn about hard work, goal setting, planning and focus. Boooorrriiing!! 

And dammit, if I’m having a hard time not being Buzz Killington. 

We Lack Discipline, Not Knowledge

The truth is, most of my work is getting CEOs organized more than it’s ever about marketing. The majority know what they need to do. They’ve read the tactics, they just can’t get their shit together enough to execute it. 

This is what I want to offer to budding entrepreneur: Let’s get you in order, teach you how to set real goals, organize your day in a way that accomplishes priorities. Plan in a way that brings you work life balance, and set a path that allows you to actually get it done. Because the truth is: YOU DO HAVE ENOUGH TIME! You’re just too unorganized to get it together. 

Once they have that, they rarely need me for anything more than accountability. No methods. No 5 step program. Just good old fashion planning, execution and follow through. This approach has proven itself successful over and over. But it’s not sexy. 

So I’m sitting in conflict with the old advice “give them what they want, sell them what they need”. Does anyone want to buy old fashioned elbow grease or do I need to put lipstick on the pig?

I Know the Long Game Works

I played sports in highschool. I was never skinny, I was average. I was healthy. Growing up in a poor Mexican household, I didn’t learn anything about nutrition, I just learned about being fed. 

In my early adult years, I worked in clinical research and sat behind a desk for 14 hours a day. Not surprisingly, living in my office, I ate like shit, barely slept, and gained a ton of weight.

Fast forward, and at 25 years old I was obese. Then at 200lbs with a small 5’1 frame I found myself a recent widow of cancer. 

This is when my health journey began. 

Through grief, fear, and new gained knowledge I began a new path of nutrition, healthy eating, and weight loss. I worked out consistently. Five days a week consistently. I engaged in active activities on the weekends. I added new habits and said goodbye to my previous fast food life. 

I went from this:

To this:

I would show up at parties and old friends would introduce themselves to me.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jerry”

“Yeah, Hi Jerry, I’ve known you for 5 years”

Then after a couple seconds of awkward staring and head tilts, they would exclaim:

 “Holy shit! Tanya?!” 

After a little bit of “Wow you look great!” the conversation would inevitably turn to “So what did you do? Atkins, South Beach, blood type diet, protein shakes?” 

No one liked my answer

“I ate healthy food, counted calories and worked out every day” I would reply. 

You could see the enthusiasm drain directly from them. 

“oh” they’d reply, “good for you, you look good”

The Power is in the Small Consistent Things

We’re more excited about some trick or short cut to discover then appreciating that all the tools we need are readily available to us. 

In business, it’s not some new success method, It’s getting yourself organized enough to do the work. You’re not short on information. Information is EVERYWHERE, and in most cases, it’s FREE. 

But you’ll never make anything happen if you don’t DO. And doing requires planning, focus and execution. You know, all that boring stuff I mentioned earlier. 


“The more you apply, the faster your brain and being will change. If you continue filling your head - even with good information - yet don’t apply, you’ll canker your soul. You’ll see within yourself a fraud and hypocrite. You’ll know what to do, yet not do it. You’ll build a strange pseudo-personality where you’re merely pretending to know something, yet you have no conviction because you have no experience.”

Benjamin Hardy

To win the long game, you need to be crystal clear on your true goals and start doing the work. Little by little. Stop waiting for perfection. Some things will be a mess. You’ll screw up, but it will compound over time. And that is where you will find your success. 

“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs”

Darren Hardy

Simple doesn’t mean ineffective

I didn’t do anything magical to lose weight. I had no tips or tricks. I stayed aware of what I was eating and made a goal to stay active. Darren Hardy says “The magic is not in the complexity of the task; the magic is in the doing of simple things repeatedly and long enough”

“Success doesn’t come from doing extraordinarily difficult things. It’s doing simple things consistently”

The Compound Effect

It took almost 11 months to lose all that weight. But, too many, it seemed to happen overnight. And screw that, I worked hard for it. I stayed committed and I earned it. Don’t diminish my diligence to some “hack”. 

When we think the answer is so far outside ourselves then it’s easier to justify why we aren’t doing it. We like to dismiss the easy things as less effective. When in fact, the simple and seemingly insignificant steps are what will lead to major change and progress. 

“What’s simple to do is also simple not to do.”

Jim Rohn

No One Actually Got Successful From Shortcuts

Go look up any of the prominent people in your industry and check their earlier work and videos. Some are so bad they’ll make you laugh, but right now they’re laughing all the way to the bank. 

They are the proof that shortcuts aren’t the key. Consistency will take you farther than anything else. Overnight success does not exist. And I’m sure the people you accuse of it would be pissed that you tried to sweep away all time and effort it took to get where they are. 

The long game is good. The long game is proven. The long game only requires two steps. Start. Then repeat. 

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