All about Instagram hashtags

If you missed our segment on Instagram basics, you can go back and watch it here: #WTF is the point of Instagram?

You made it to the Fancy Food Show! Now what?

How to be Awesome exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show. The Fancy Food Show, put on by Specialty Food Association, is one of the “it” places for budding and established food businesses alike. With many key people from the industry under one roof, the potential for opportunities to launch a product forward is unbound. After […]

How to Fail as a Crafter and Everything else.

My mom was a crafter. We were very poor growing up, like living in homeless shelters poor. Combine those two things and I grew up to be a pretty resourceful and creative person. Sometimes we only had boxes for tables, but believe you me, I made those boxes look good. I could use a scarf […]

3 Ingredient Success

3 ingredient, 1 minute cake. And yes, it was delicious. It took 3 ingredients to make this cake. A quick lesson Willingness to Try Execution Ok, technically it was 1 banana, 1tsp of cinnamon, and 1 egg. I’m not a baker. I don’t know a lot (read: any) baking rules. Traditional bakers would probably be […]

Starting Over is Not an Option (and other lies we believe)

Motorcycle trip through the Himalayas I was recently told by someone that they hadn’t started taking any steps towards their brilliant business idea yet because they didn’t have the brand name figured out. Not one inch toward development because they “needed” the name. As many do, they want everything to be perfect before they step […]