Motorcycle trip through the Himalayas

I was recently told by someone that they hadn’t started taking any steps towards their brilliant business idea yet because they didn’t have the brand name figured out.

Not one inch toward development because they “needed” the name.

As many do, they want everything to be perfect before they step out.

You know what?

You can always change your product name, your branding, and everything else for that matter.

Companies do it all the time.

You probably don’t remember this

Complete Name change

Or when this changed to that?

Starbucks Logo enhancements

Or the great improvement here?

airbnb rebranding and new logo

You can adjust, you can change, and yes, you can even completely start over.

At 24, I was 3 years married, and with 10 years of medical experience under my belt (yes, since age 14), I had a career in clinical research.

Then at 25, I became a widow to cancer.

After spending months in hospitals, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to the medical field.

Not only that, but after being face to face with the brevity of life,

I was done trading in my (newly realized) limited time for dollars on the hour.

I wanted something that offered a new quality of life,

something with freedom,

and something different than the status quo.

But what do I do?

I went on to try anything. I did part time data entry. I collected cans for the homeless. I tried my hand at photography. I made bags to sell at festivals. I started a non profit that had no direction. And the list goes on. (seriously, there’s a lot more)

A friend of mine was 5 years into medical school.

He voiced his concern for my new lack of income and sat me down for a “heart to heart”.

He said “When are you going to get serious again? You’ve had your break. Don’t you think it’s time to go back to reality? Go back to a steady place, in a field you know and you are good at.”

But you know what? Steady wasn’t what I was looking for. (And boy did I ensure that by becoming an entrepreneur.)

I turned my back on the industry I had known so well and had given so much to me at a young age.

So I started all over at ground zero folks.

I took jobs that paid less than what I was worth but offered me the flexibility to work “my dream” on the sidelines.

I lived with uncertainty of where the next paycheck would come from.

I took risks and was rewarded with immense experience. (note “immense experience” not money)

I pushed and pushed until I came to a place that I could leap out all on my own.

And here I am.

I have my own business, Buildabiz, Inc., helping others turn their ideas into reality.

I have freedom.

I have quality of life.

I’m not an independent millionaire (yet).

But I have been living a life that my widowed 25 year old self could have never dreamed of.

Our group with Sifu Shi Yan Jun. in the Songshan mountains, Shaolin Temple, Henan, China

I went to Machu Piccu, Chichen Itza, Panama and Spain in one year. I lived at the Shaolin temple in China training Kung Fu. I took a vow of silence in Thailand. I rode a motorcycle through the Himalayas. I met an amazing man abroad, got re-married, had a baby, and now live in Europe plotting our next country to live in.

This is what starting over brought for me.

But you know, I could’ve just gone back to the office where it was safe and steady. I’m sure I could’ve racked up some vacation time by now right?

Maybe, but that life wasn’t for me.

Don’t be afraid to start over.

Don’t wait until a lay off or life tragedy forces you into it.

Choose to pursue the life you always dreamed of now.

Let the timing be decided by you. Be the one at the reigns.

You are stronger than you think and will get through whatever curve ball life can throw at you.

So go for it.

Jump off the deep end.

Swim to the other side filled with the exhilaration of what you just did.

I promise you won’t regret it.

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