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A place for vision-driven entrepreneurs to
drop the hustle and build a strategy around
their vision

You’re Driven. You have Big vision...yet
You’re unsatisfied with where you are

Is it purpose? Is it passion? The right business Strategy? Enough Time?

The truth is, most entrepreneurs are taking a stab in the dark.
They're listening to "gurus", doing "all the things", and getting nothing in return.
No wonder they constantly feel strapped on time, overwhelmed by their to-do list, and busy jumping around from one idea to another…
Hoping that something will "click" and they'll finally find that secret loophole to 6 figures that everyone keeps promising.

If I had to guess, that's not the kind of business you want.

You started this for freedom. For financial independence and stability.
You want to create incredible impact in the lives of the clients you serve.
And you secretly dream of changing the world.

You are one 20 minute call away to:

Unbusy Your Life
Untangle Your Business
And create a strategy that feels good and gets results

As a coach, consultant and solopreneur, you don’t have to trade dollars for hours. You don’t need to overwork or undercharge. That doesn’t serve you or your clients. If you want to create a business in harmony with your ultimate life goals, you need a strategy that’s effective AND aligned with who you are. You need your efforts to serve a clear purpose. You deserve to have a bigger impact and LOVE what you do!

Together on this call, we'll uncover 3 steps you can take right now to get your business on the path to more profit, less hustle, and greater impact!

The Foundation of every Successful Business rests on these 4 beliefs

The Magic is in You,

not any strategy

When we stop looking for the “right” method, hack, shortcut or formula and instead create a plan based on who we are, we’ll finally get to shine and profit.

Your success Mirrors

the Success of Your Day

Big wins are made in small daily moves and a great life is simply a series of well lived days. Own the day and you’ll own your best life.

Your Genius Rises to

the Level Of Your Systems

Show me someone that “wings” it and I’ll show you someone that is stuck. Clear processes propel productivity and free you up from working in the business to on the business.

Clarity, Consistency & Resilience

are the keys to long term success

Commit to the long game, always show up and stay connected to your purpose and you will succeed.

Get Started

This is where you STOP the hustle and grind,

This is where you become aligned.

Aligned with your message.
Aligned with your audience.
Aligned with your life.
Aligned for success.

Book a Strategy Review

Together we’ll identify specific next steps for your business growth in 20 minutes.
No Pitch. No Catch.

Success By Design Group

A combination of 1-1 Mentorship, Group Support,
Skill Building & Accountability
to customize the right strategy for your unique business.

What Our Clients are Saying...

I first met Tanya when she and I were both taking a mastermind course together and I quickly realized that the person I needed to work with was actually Tanya.
Her incredible ability to go in and help people look at their businesses and figure out where they’re missing the mark on scaling, defining their message, reaching their target audience, was so invaluable to me that I was able to 10x my business in a short amount of time with Tanya coaching.
I still take her courses, she brings incredible value to everything she does and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Iglika, Iglika Co

Women Led Tech

Ben Douglas

Lady Buddha Kombucha

Bridget March

Artist & Owner March Gallery

Meet Tanya

A lady that really cares about you living in success, right now!

I did the hustle. I climbed the ladder. And then the earth shook and knocked me down. On the ground, grieving and bruised, I re-examined my goals, ambitions and path back to the top, unknowingly creating a new approach to success.

After 18 years developing and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, million dollar start-ups, Grammy nominated musicians, award winning film directors, solopreneurs and small business owners, I’ve learned they all have one thing in common…To master their business, they must also master themselves.

Life is happening now. We can’t put it off until “Someday” in the future when the business is “going well”. Your Someday Starts today. Drop the hustle and join me in joy while building a thriving business.

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