Success Network

Networking in it’s simplest form.

Join us for 60 minutes of transparent human-first business building through authentic connection and conversation.

Networking is connecting, Not Selling.

You are here to meet humans, not leads.

We are not an association.

We are not a club.

There’s no conferences, galas or award events to attend later.

We do not exist to become part of your to do list, we are here to add value to your business, not take over your life.

We are here to connect with fellow global entrepreneurs to grow our network and opportunities

A Human-First Approach

Direct: We’re here to connect with people and expand our business opportunities.

Transparent: We show up without masks. We are WHO we are and WHERE we are in our journey.

Authentic: We don’t need to show off or put our best foot forward, we are here to be supported, guided and connected with peers and mentors.

Agenda Free: We are not here to pitch or sell. We are here to create a connection.

Efficient: We know time is finite and value it for ourselves and others.

This is the right place for you if:

You are a global entrepreneur, with services not bound to a specific location.

You value true connections.

You are willing to leave your peacock feathers at home, and show up honest and transparent.

You’re not afraid to say what you need.

Your business is a full time commitment, not a side interest.

You welcome diversity in all forms

You support and encourage others

You are not fit if:

You see every conversation as an opportunity to pitch a sale

You are looking for people to sign up under your program

You only want to speak with people that can get you ahead

You are only interested in promoting your own business and not interested in building relationships with others.

You have a generally negative and desperate outlook on life and business


How it Works:

Group Connection (10 Minutes)

Four 1-1 Networking Breakouts (10 minutes each)

Interview Your Connection using guided talking points

Be interviewed by your connection using guided talking points

Expand the conversation as deemed fit.

Determine next steps and close out conversation

Move to the next conversation

Regroup & Final Contacts (10 Minutes)

Join Success Network

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  1. Show up on time: It’s important to be punctual and respect everyone’s time. If you’re unable to make it to an event, please let the organizers know as soon as possible.
  2. Be present: Avoid distractions and give your full attention to the person you’re speaking with during the networking conversations.
  3. Respectful communication: Treat others with respect and courtesy, and avoid using offensive language or behavior. Be mindful of different cultural backgrounds and viewpoints.
  4. Be genuine: Be yourself and avoid pretending to be someone you’re not. This is a safe space for authenticity and transparency.
  5. Agenda-free: Avoid using the networking conversations as an opportunity to pitch or sell your products or services. Focus on building genuine connections.
  6. Follow the format: Stick to the 15-minute introduction, 60-minute networking with 10-minute increments, six conversations, and 10-minute outro format. This helps ensure everyone gets a chance to connect with others.
  7. Follow up: If you make a connection with someone, follow up with them after the event. This can be a great way to continue the conversation and explore potential opportunities.
  8. Confidentiality: Respect the confidentiality of any personal or business information shared during the networking conversations. Avoid sharing this information with others outside of the event without permission.
  9. Give back: Look for opportunities to give back to the group, whether that’s by sharing your knowledge and experience with others, or by helping to organize events and activities.
  10. Have fun: Enjoy the experience and have fun getting to know other global entrepreneurs. This is a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone is welcome.
Meet Your Host, Tanya MFK:
Your Networking Trailblazer

Tanya MFK is no ordinary networking host. With two decades of business development and coaching with a commitment to honesty and transparency, she’s rewriting the rules of networking.

Tanya’s journey has been marked by resilience and innovation. She’s a firm believer in genuine connections, shedding masks, and putting our humanity first in business. Tanya doesn’t claim to be the world’s best anything; instead, she’s here to create a space where authenticity reigns supreme.

Join Tanya for this transformative networking experience and discover a new way to connect, grow, and succeed—free from the usual mask-on, peacock feathers-up, networking hype. It’s time to break out of the old ways and forge meaningful connections for a new approach to business.


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