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Pre-Plan Your Year

STOP “hoping” for a great year. 


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Price until 17 January 2022

CZK 1000 + VAT Members
CZK 1500 + VAT Non Members

Price 18-19 January 2022

CZK 1500 + VAT Members
CZK 2000 + VAT Non Members


Success Training Series: Live Workshop


January 20th

17:00 – 20:00


Kolektiv Hub

Kopeckého sady 329/8
301 00 Plzeň 3

Momentum without a plan leaves us frantic, running blindly through schedules, timelines, and performance targets.

It’s said that most entrepreneurs spend 95% of our time executing and only 5% figuring out the big picture, the strategy.

With this hustle mentality, we end up with a lot of effort going to the wrong destination!

No more hoping or guessing. Instead move forward with a solid plan and strategy that excites you.

This workshop is designed to walk you step by step to:

  • Know exactly where your money is coming from and how to prepare for it

  • Plan Your Launches, Sales, Promotions & Projects to align with your life

  • Layout specific acton steps and gameplans to know what to do each day

  • Measure progress and stay on track easily to avoid shiny opportunities that turn into distractions

  • Create balance between business and home so you can actually enjoy the freedom you work so hard  for

  • Have a realistic manageable plan that works even when life gets crazy

  • Develop smaller 90 day sprints to maximize your progress and momentum

  • Understand how your content development connects with your calendar

Don’t let the year “happen” to you.

Be the architect of your Success and design your year before it starts. 


Tanya MFK

After 18 years developing and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, million dollar start-ups, Grammy nominated musicians, award winning film directors, solopreneurs and small business owners, I’ve learned they all have one thing in common…To master their business, they must also master themselves. 

We can’t put life off until “Someday” in the future when the business is “going well”.  

Your Someday Starts today. 

Drop the hustle and join me in joy while building a thriving business. 


Jana Havlíčková

Jana is the founder of DARE2 training and consulting agency and the regional partner of a networking concept Business Friends with 21 years in adult education, 11 years of professional in businessnetworking and business development. Her passion is for young enterprising leaders in Junior Chamber International has enabled her to deliver leadership and communication training on 4 continents. If you are looking to make networking one of your core not only business development tools, she is the one for you. 



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Kopeckého sady 329/8
301 00 Plzeň 3

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