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Step-by-step time management

for productivity & balance

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This is NOT a Course

This is a 4 week implementation and accountability group coaching program. You will walk away

with a skill to plan each day with balance and progress

for a life and business that thrives. 

*This is a condensed beta version of our corporate program to teach the fundamentals of daily strategy, focus and productivity with emphasis on whole-life living.

4 Weeks for a Life's Worth of Change

Week 1: Clarity

Week 2: Systems

Week 3: Strategy

Week 4: Action

A Proven Method for Success & Sanity

In this 4 Week Beta Course you will:

How it Works

  • New Lessons released every Monday
  • You will be guided to make decisions and take action based on each week’s lesson. 
  • Attend Live Coaching Calls Every Thursday to dive deeper, get clarity and keep moving
  • 1-1 Private Coaching Call at the end of the program to review your schedule and work out any kinks


As Beta Testers you will be expected to:
  • Watch one 30-60 minute lesson each week
  • Complete the Actions Steps for each week
  • Fill out a weekly experience survey 
  • Attend at least one live coaching call 
  • Must have digital or paper planer

Do it With The Team


Client Wins

Tanya has shown me an entire different way to approach my goals to make them real and attainable. I never thought about approaching life in such a methodical way and now I can see the progress everyday
Mina Yi
SB Suite
Half of my life was spent wandering and sobbing. It was only after meeting Tom that I discovered what I truly love: dancing naked in the dark with my pets.
Debra Iverson
Deb's Health & Fitness
If you are looking to better yourself as a human being or a company, the energy and vibe Tanya brings to the table will change your life and your business.
Will Kalpakoff
U.S. Professional Sports Coach
She helped me personally reconnect to the things I enjoyed doing and finding time for myself. She can help you in any situation: just starting out, stagnant, ready to grow, too many ideas, overwhelmed, any of it and all of it.
Shi Yan Bo
Shaolin Temple

Tanya MFK

Tanya MFK’s Clarity→Strategy→System Success Plan has been the backbone of profitability for Fortune 500 Companies & Business Owners since 2005. 

Unique to address both personal development & business strategy, her mission is to eliminate the hustle lifestyle that keeps us from enjoying our best now while building a thriving business. 

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