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May 2nd

10:00 AM  Los Angeles

1:00 PM (14:00) New York

6:00 PM (19:00) London

7:00 PM (20:00) Prague

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Reflection is the Key to Productivity

We don’t need to be busy. We need to be clear. 

Keep things from falling through the cracks
Reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm
Be clear and focused on true priorites
Manage your energy
Avoid overcommitment
Increase accountability levels

Reach your Goals!

What we'll do:

This is an active session, not a lecture.
You will be guided through the reflection and planning steps with time to work on each item.
This is a 1-hour session, but we will stay for 90 minutes for those that need more time and/or clarifications.

Reflect & Analyze

To know where we are headed we must first know where we are. Let's look at our monthly gains and address our shortcomings to improve towards the life we want.

Confirm Your Goals

Our goals need to grow with us. As we are constantly changing, it's important to makes sure our goals are clear and aligned with that new wisdom.

Create an Action Plan

Now that we have the WHY and WHAT we need to create the HOW. Someday doesn't exist on a calendar. It's time to create a plan based in real life.

What you'll need

  • A Growth Mindset
  • A planner (digital or paper- I use both)
  • Zoom set up
  • Basic understanding of how Zoom works (mute, chat, video-on/off)
  • To show up

Your Training Host

My name is Tanya Marie Figueras Kraisingr and because that is crazy long to say and pronounce I go by
Tanya MFK

I’m a European Based Global Business Strategy Consultant for solopreneurs, coaches and small business owners teaching you how to drop the hustle, unbusy your life, untangle your business and create a strategy around your talents.

With a degree in Applied Neuroscience and 18 years of professional marketing and business development with fortune 500 companies like Nestle and Whole Foods to private practices, artists, authors, course creators and more, we guide you step by step to create a life and business you love.