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Grow Your Crowd:
Practical Audience Building for Modern Entrepreneurs

Hosted by: Modern Business Mastery - A Community for Real Entrepreneurs

Thursday, May 16th

10:00 AM Los Angeles
1:00 PM New York
6:00 PM London
7:00 PM Prague

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Are You Ready for Genuine Audience Growth?
Fed up with audience-building advice that seems more suited to selling snake oil than solid strategy? So are we. That's why we're inviting you to join "Grow Your Crowd: Practical Audience Building for Modern Entrepreneurs," a workshop that gets back to the basics of what truly works - no fluff, no false promises, just real, actionable tactics for the digital age.

Why This Workshop Is Different

We know the frustration of navigating through endless “growth hacks” and “secret formulas” that don’t deliver. This workshop cuts through the noise to bring you:

  • Straightforward Strategies: No jargon. No beating around the bush. Just clear steps you can start applying now.
  • Real Connections: Learn how to engage your audience in a way that feels authentic to you and them.
  • Actionable Insights: Leave with a plan, not just inspiration. We focus on practical advice that fits into your entrepreneurial journey.

What You’ll Discover

  • The Essence of True Audience Building: Beyond numbers, we dive into what it means to cultivate an engaged, loyal community.
  • Lead Magnets that Actually Work: Forget the generic downloads. We’re talking about creating value that converts.
  • Engagement Over Numbers: Why chasing vanity metrics won’t win you business and what to focus on instead.

No Gimmicks. Just Growth.

Hosted within our spam-free, mighty network community, this session promises not just a distraction-free environment but a gateway to a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s not about one-off tips; it’s about building a foundation for sustained growth and engagement.

About Your Hosts

Modern Business Mastery isn’t just a platform; it’s a movement. Co-Founded by Tanya MFK and Kristina Hellmann, Business and Marketing Strategists with a combined 32 years of diverse business development experience, we stand for integrity, balance, and real results. We’re for entrepreneurs who care about making an impact as much as making a profit.

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Thursday, May 16th

10:00 AM Los Angeles
1:00 PM New York
6:00 PM London
7:00 PM Prague

Space is limited not as a marketing gimmick but because genuine connection and learning require room to breathe. Register now to secure your spot in this transformative session and start growing your crowd with integrity and practicality.

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