Entrepreneur Archetype

Complete the questions to the best of your ability by choosing the number that corresponds best to you.
Does it come naturally or is it a bit difficult?
Use the scale below to choose the most accurate answer.

1. I am able to see people's unique talents(Required)
2. I am able to turn big visions into actionable steps(Required)
3. I find it easy to get people to buy in to my vision(Required)
4. I am able to see future opportunities(Required)
5. I am able to place people in their genius(Required)
6. I have a gift of turning someone's vision into a plan(Required)
7. I am able to motivate people to take action(Required)
8. I am able to predict often what's going to happen(Required)
9. I have a gift for helping people find clarity(Required)
10. I am able to focus on what needs to get done(Required)
11. I am able to connect quickly with people(Required)
12. I have a gift of seeing patterns in my industry that others don't(Required)
13. I find it easy to solve peoples problems(Required)
14. I find it easy to create detailed strategies(Required)
15. I have a gift of getting people to say "Yes!"(Required)
16. I find it easy to talk about what will happen in 5 years(Required)

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